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Tony Power, The Quirky Carpenter

Designing, making (and driving) the winning go-cart at my junior school's Soap Box Derby was the start of a life-long love of building things. I guess I’ve always had a leaning to the more practical side of life. Choosing a career in carpentry seemed to be the natural choice and one I’ve not regretted. 


Every day is different, every project is different and every client is unique. I love taking clients' thoughts and ideas and making them a reality. Understanding how people live and what their needs are is an imperative and often an undervalued part of the design process, style is the easy part. This is what makes Quirky Carpentry unique. 


Being a lover of the outdoors, a lot of my inspiration comes from the environment around me. Quality materials, sustainably sourced, stylishly designed and tailor-made to suit your lifestyle is the perfect combination. Add to this my “direct from workshop” ethos, I am able to deliver all of this at exceptional value for money 

The Quirky Carpenter


The materials that I use in my projects have been supplied by timber merchants that are certified as having sustainable, managed and replanted forests. I love working with different types of wood as each brings its own character to the work. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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